Special Offers

One Month Free Membership

Not that you should need a special incentive to play squash or join our Community Center, but sometimes even the best of us need a nudge, encouragement or even an outright bribe before we do the right thing.


See if any of these incentives might help you take a step in our direction. 

For every person you get to sign up to Manhattan Squash we will give you one free month.  And if you get ten people to sign up we’ll give you a free membership. That’s $3,600 worth of value!

Help us help the world.

Email the list of people you are recruiting.

Buy one membership (of any type) and anyone else in your family can buy an off-peak membership for a 25% discount ($74/month). 

  • Every member in the family must live at the same address.
  • The same credit card information must be used for every member of the family.

You can mix and match incentives below – put another way, add them together to get more!

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