Squash Programming Ethos

The Manifestation of Our Ethos

Our focus is on playing and on group lessons over (but not to the exclusion of) individual lessons.  Juniors will be given priority after school (3-6pm) and adult programming, open court bookings and leagues will be given priority after 6pm.  Weekends will be split.  We will limit the number of people who can become members so that the average person can book a court twice during the week and once or twice on the weekend.
Whether you are new to the game or dream of one day becoming a pro, there will be courts, programming and peers for you to play with.
All junior programs will be managed by Peter Nicol and his staff at the Nicol Squash Academy. John Musto and his staff will manage all adult programming.  There will be leagues, individual instruction, round robins, clinics, group training, group physical training, club tournament play, local tournament play, junior programs from beginner to elite, and lots of interesting high-tech gadgets to fascinate the young and cause muttering among the veterans.

Help Support Manhattan
Community Squash Center

We are not yet fully funded.  You can help us in several ways:

  1.   Become a member
  2.  Tell your friends you joined (or at least tell them about us if you are still on the fence).
  3.  We will be selling overpriced SWAG on the site which will get you goodies, a tax deduction and a general feeling of well-being.
  4.  Donate something that we can sell on our site.
  5.  Become a Founding Member – for more details, click the link below.
  6.  For those of you who are really excited, spend some of that hard-earned wealth on naming a court after your hero, a loved one, or yourself.  There are other naming opportunities as well.  My favorite? The Bar (code-named Court 6).

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