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Adult Programming

Our Teaching Professionals

Our adult programming has a range of activities that reflects the diverse interests of our players. We’ve got sophisticated training programs for the seriously competitive, social round robins for fun, and everything in between. Five gorgeous ASB courts, a fitness area, and a cafe bar…everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

Our Director of Adult Squash is John Musto.  As a player, John was a #1 ranked junior, 4-time All-American at Yale, PSA touring pro, and played #1 for the US National Team in the Pan Am Games. In the Masters 50+ division, John is the current US and British Open champion.

As a teaching professional, John is renowned for his adult coaching. He uses a highly personalized approach that adapts to each player’s profile and integrates technical and tactical lessons into match play. As with any true teacher, he enjoys working with beginners as much as he does advanced players. And he has an unparalleled ability to communicate his knowledge and passion for the sport.

Adult programming

We’ll no doubt modify this after we open, but our plans now are:

  • NY Squash league matches (Monday-Thursday evenings): around 75% of our current membership has indicated that they will play league, so we’ll field at least one team per division.
  • Individual/group lessons, clinics (most will be off-peak and weekends): taught by John and our assistant pros, these will range from beginner lessons to advanced sessions for Open players.
  • Social round robins (evenings, weekends, lunch): organized by level to ensure competitiveness
  • Box league and club ladder: for internal competitive play.
  • Travel squads: for players who would like to compete in national and international

tournaments, such as the US Squash Skill Level championships, the World Masters in Poland in 2020, and other masters and amateur events. John will organize a training program for the group in the months leading up to the event, and provide individualized coaching while at the tournament.

*In all cases, it’s recommended that players attend a post-play recuperation session held at the bar.

If you’re not already a member of Manhattan Squash, learn more about joining the club.  

Help Support Manhattan
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We are not yet fully funded.  You can help us in several ways:

  1.   Become a member
  2.  Tell your friends you joined (or at least tell them about us if you are still on the fence).
  3.  We will be selling overpriced SWAG on the site which will get you goodies, a tax deduction and a general feeling of well-being.
  4.  Donate something that we can sell on our site.
  5.  Become a Founding Member – for more details, click the link below.
  6.  For those of you who are really excited, spend some of that hard-earned wealth on naming a court after your hero, a loved one, or yourself.  There are other naming opportunities as well.  My favorite? The Bar (code-named Court 6).

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