Our Junior Squash Program

Why Squash?

Squash is a brain food that is beyond fun. It’s a fitness accelerator that creates friends for life. And it’s a college magnet, at both the varsity and club level.

Why Manhattan Squash?

We just love squash and we are sharing that love with our brand new Junior squash community starting Fall 2021. We promise to share the best of the game with your child: the principles, tactics and strategies that make this a game full of friendly, big hearted, passionate enthusiasts.


We will deliver:

  • Accessibility and affordability, we are here to help families play. Just ask.
  • Fitness + Fun = a lifelong love of the game
  • Premium coaching that meets you where you’re at and takes you where you want to go: recreational or tournament level, your choice.
  • Character coaching– learn the essential life skill of how to behave under pressure. Otherwise known as good sportspersonship.

Learn about our programming:

Which option best describes your child's game right now?

My child is a beginner who has never or rarely played

My child knows how to play but has rarely, if ever, played in tournaments

My child plays in Silver and Gold tournaments and wants to be the best

All Juniors sessions:

  • Take place “after school” between 3-6pm. See calendar for details.
  • Sessions run for 45-90 mins. The more advanced the level, the longer the sessions.
  • Sessions will be made up of three components:
    • Squash Skills: skill development, technical, tactical, strategic, and (in certain tracks) competition
    • Mental Development: motivation, competition, executive functioning, self-reliance, leadership, emotional awareness, purposefulness
    • Physical Conditioning: motor skills, hand-eye coordination, stamina, strength, flexibility, nutrition, sleep