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There are some who play squash to get fit. But for many of us the axiom that you need to get fit to play squash has a truer ring to it.

For a while we were offering online (free) yoga classes online, but the feedback we got was that you’d rather have a program that was built *specifically* for squash players. Ask and ye shall receive.  We have partnered with Nicole Bunyan to launch Manhattan Squash Fitness. Nicole plays on the pro tour (check out her stats here) and she is trained as a fitness instructor. She has built an online fitness app that she’s launching this week and we are offering it to everyone at Manhattan Squash. Indeed as part of our ongoing efforts to support the entire squash community you do not have to be a member of Manhattan Squash to sign up for this program. (If you receive an economic discount for us please reach out to me for alternative pricing.) This will be the first part of a larger offering that we will offer all of you to help maintain good overall fitness and health while improving your squash skills.

To sign up, click here. Or go to www.ManhattanSquash.org and click on the special offers page and go to Manhattan Squash Fitness.  Once you fill out the form you will get an email with the sign up details. If you are not satisfied for any reason whatsoever, we will offer a full refund anytime within the first 30 days.

The first week has 5 workouts, and includes a bit of everything: strength, power, agility, cardio/HIIT, ghosting, and recovery/mobility. In addition you should expect daily reminders, messages, and tips from your coach (Nicole) along with a Weekly Health Habit or Nutrition Focus. I’ve tried it and it’s great! The cost is $50/month and if it’s really too difficult to sign up just email me and I’ll do it for you.

Enjoy, and remember, don’t boast about keeping fit, just keep it deep and make your opponent run and run and run.



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