Manhattan Community Squash Center

What is your mission?
To make squash more accessible to the general public. We will be New York’s first and only public, non-profit, dedicated squash facility specifically designed to help make the sport more visible, vital, accessible and affordable. We will offer membership discounts to reach a more diverse socioeconomic audience.

Why are you called Manhattan Community Squash Center?
We are the opposite of exclusive. We are here for everyone. We have committed to ourselves, our friends and the IRS that our membership will be a reflection of the community we are in. Our outreach will be broad and our policies inclusive.

Where are you located?
25 West 39th Street between 5th & 6th Avenues. We will occupy the entire 13,400 sq. ft. 5th floor of the historic Engineering Societies Building, a majestic 13-story landmark structure designed by Hale & Rogers with Henry G. Morse.

How do I get there?
Located in the epicenter of Manhattan, we are one block south of Bryant Park, and only minutes from Grand Central Station, Port Authority Bus Terminal, Penn Station and 17 subway lines: #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, A, C, E, B, D, F, M, N, R, Q, W.

What amenities do you have?

We will have five state-of-the-art international singles squash courts as well as full-service changing facilities with showers, lockers and laundry, warm-up, cool-down and stretching areas, a pro-shop and a comfortable lounge/cafe offering food, drinks and a setting designed for socializing.

Is fitness equipment available?

Yes—coming in the next few weeks. There will be a complete set up of exercise and fitness equipment, but we won’t be a full-scale gym. All of our equipment will be focused on complementing your squash game.

Is video analysis be available?
Yes, whenever you make a reservation the court will automatically be recorded and privately uploaded to YouTube. You will receive the video link several minutes after your reservation ends.

Do you promote women’s memberships?
Yes, Manhattan Squash will offer a weekly women-only round-robin and consider launching women’s squash-based fitness classes that are not skill-based. Since women are typically under-represented in squash, we will also form a select committee to promote women’s membership. If you’d like to get involved, email info@TheSquashCenter.org

What squash programs do you offer?

There will be group and individual squash instruction and physical training, club and local tournament play, inter-club leagues, clinics, round robins, a box league, and comprehensive junior programs.

How do I find people to play with?

Join one of our squash programs! Clinics and round robins happen daily. League goes all winter and the Box League runs all year. We will do everything we can to connect you with other members. When in doubt, just reach out to info@thesquashcenter.org.

What are round robins?

Round robins are loosely-structured, lightly-coached group sessions. They’re great opportunities to hit with and get to know like-leveled players. We typically have two round robins a day during the week, with weekend round robins on the way. See Club Locker or our website for the schedule.

Who oversees squash programming?

John Musto and his staff will oversee all adult squash programming. Peter Nicol and his staff at the Nicol Champions Academy (NCA) will be in charge of all junior programs. 

What are your hours?

We are open from 6:30am to 10:15pm Monday through Friday and from 8am to 8pm Saturday/Sunday.

How long are court sessions?

45 minutes starting at 6:30am.

What are the Peak & Off-Peak hours?
Peak times are weekdays from  7:15-8:45am, 11:45am-2pm and 5:30-8pm. All other weekday times and the entire weekend are Off-Peak.

Is there online booking?

Yes, we will be using US Squash’s automated online booking system: Club Locker.

How far in advance can I book a court? How often?

You can book 7 days in advance and have a maximum of 2 peak courts booked in any 7-day period. You cannot book more than one court, peak or off-peak, in a 24-hour period.

Are there court fees?

Peak courts cost $12.50 per person, off-peak $5 per person. For solo bookings (only allowed during off-peak hours), you still have to pay the full court fee of $10. Unlimited Members do not pay court fees–see “Membership Plans” page for more information on different membership types.

Are there cancellation fees?

Yes. you will be charged the price of the court if you cancel within 12 hours of your court reservation. That’s $12.50 per person for peak-time courts and $5 per person for off-peak.

Can I walk on to a court without a reservation if it’s open?

No. If you see an open court you want to use, you can book it and then walk on (or ask us to book it for you). You are welcome to hop onto a free court before or after your reservation if one is available, but please give it up promptly if someone reserves it.

What kind of gear do I need?

Members and guests must wear protective eye gear and non-marking shoes at all times while on court. And, just as important as equipment, we expect everyone who plays at the Center to adhere to all squash rules of safe play, be good sports and respect the spirit of the game.

Do ALL members have an ample chance to play?
We will be limiting our memberships so that everyone who joins has ample opportunity to book and play. We will also establish rules as to how many Peak-time reservations any one member can make at the same time.

How will court time be allocated?

In the spirit of community squash, court time at the Center is split between adult and junior programs. During the school year, junior programs are held weekdays 3:30-5:45pm on all five courts. Outside of this, all courts will be available for regular reservations. Adult programming, such as league matches, clinics, and round-robins, are scheduled on an ad-hoc basis. One court a day will be set aside for private lessons but will be available for booking whenever lessons are not scheduled.

What is your guest policy?

Members will get one free guest pass per quarter and will be allowed an unlimited number of guests for $35 per session, although the same guest may only come once per month. The $35 fee covers the guest’s court charge but non-Unlimited members are still required to pay their own court fee.

Is there be a cafe/bar?
Soon there will be a comfortable cafe/lounge area serving food, drink and squash talk.

Can I buy beer and wine?

Yes. We will sell beer and wine, but nothing stronger.

Is there permanent locker and racquet storage?

Yes and yes. Lockers inside the locker room cost $35/month and lockers outside the locker room cost $25/month, racquets $5/month. Unlimited Members receive free locker and racquet storage.

Is there laundry service?

Yes, for $25 a month. Only members with lockers can get their laundry done. Unlimited Members receive free laundry service.

What about day lockers?

We also have free day lockers. At the end of the day, the contents of all day lockers will be removed; if a locker is left locked, it will be unlocked with the master key.  This allows us to make all day lockers available to members for the next day.

What if I prepay a full year in advance?
If you pay for an entire year in advance you will get a 5% discount in addition to any other offers you are eligible for.

Is there a referral bonus for getting new members to join?
Yes, for every person you get to sign up, you earn one free month of membership. Get 10 people to sign up and receive a full year’s membership free.

What are your membership plans?  

Off-Peak @ $129/month  Our most affordable plan. Play anytime except Peak hours (weekdays 7:15-8:45am, 11:45am-2pm and 5:30-8pm) with court fees of $5 per session.

Pay-to-Play @ $199/month An intermediate plan where you can play anytime with court fees of $5 per Off-Peak session and $12.50 per Peak session.

Unlimited @ $299/month  Play anytime with NO court fees. Comes with a free locker, racquet storage, and laundry service.

Are there any discounted memberships?

Yes, for college/university students and recent college/university graduates:

— Current college/university students taking a full course load are eligible for a 35% discount on all membership packages.

— College/university graduates who earned their degree within the last 2 years are eligible for a 25% discount on all membership packages.

And for individuals and families based on income:

— Individuals with incomes below $75,000 are eligible for discounted memberships, some as low as $32/month.

— Individuals whose families have incomes below $115,000 are eligible for discounted memberships, some as low as $32/month.

What is your freeze/cancellation policy and am I committing for one year?

All memberships are year-long commitments with the following exceptions:

— You can freeze your membership if you are injured and cannot play until such time as you are able to play again. We’ll just need a doctor’s note.

— You can cancel your membership for extenuating circumstances, such as if you move outside the metropolitan area or suffer a severe economic hardship (e.g., loss of work). Please contact us if this happens.

— You can cancel by converting the balance of your annual membership to a
tax-deductible donation to Manhattan Squash at any time.

Note: See our Membership section for full details on eligibility, income brackets, and verification requirements.

Why are you a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation? 

We’ve all had incredibly positive experiences playing squash which is why we want to make it more accessible. Manhattan has enough exclusive, private clubs. We want a facility where the general public can enjoy squash, like a YMCA for squash (only cooler and more modern).

Who is your parent organization?
The parent organization of Manhattan Community Squash Center is The Squash Center, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation whose ultimate goal is to build squash facilities around the world. Manhattan Community Squash Center in the heart of the Big Apple is our first location.

I support your mission! How can I help? 

There are many ways: donations/gifts, matching grants, founding memberships, and through landmark support (court-naming rights, cafe/bar naming rights). You can also donate items or services of value, buy our branded merchandise, or just tell all your friends and squash buddies about us! 100% of all donations goes to court construction and subsidizing discounts for those eligible for assistance. Join our team!

Visit Donate for details.

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